Area Churches of Christ

In addition to the Kirksville Church of Christ, 110 Pfeiffer Ave., these churches of Christ are located within an hour radius of Kirksville.  They have also been supportive of our outreach efforts.  “All the churches of Christ greet you” (Romans 16:16).  For instance in January local churches worked together to bring the Harding University A Cappella Chorus to Kirksville High School.  Housing and feeding 60 people in January in Kirksville is no easy task!  But we were blessed.

Brookfield Church of Christ, 1018 N. Main St., Brookfield, MO, 1 hr.

Central Church of Christ, 2010 Halliburton St., Kirksville, MO, local

Grant Street Church of Christ, 1318 Grant St., Unionville, MO, 1 hr.

Kirksville Church of Christ, 110 Pfeiffer Ave., Kirksville, MO, local

Martinstown Church of Christ, Martinstown, MO, 40 min.

Memphis Church of Christ, Memphis, MO, 1 hr.

Moberly Church of Christ, 1301 E. Logan St., Moberly, MO, 1 hr.

Pollock Church of Christ, Pollock, MO, 45 min.

Shelbina Church of Christ, 125 S. Center, Shelbina, MO, 1 hr.

White Oak Church of Christ, 23003 N. Hwy. 149, Ethel, MO, 45 min.